Travis Currier

Travis Currier

Travis had a great story to tell. He is a warm person who speaks from the heart.

Melissa Carlson, Graphic Designer Business Owner

Travis did a great presentation full of visuals and personal stories emphasizing the role changing technology has affected us. He also recommended sharing with others ways technology has been helpful in our own lives.

Melissa Carlson, Graphic Designer Business Owner

Travis Currier

It's disheartening to know potential and qualified applicants may be overlooked or turned away. Based on the percived culture or racically different name.

I loved the solutions slide as a key take away. It's so important to step outside our comfort zones.

Tara Ingalls, Business Owner, Website Designer

Travis provides a unique perspective in regard to the importance of embracing diversity in the workplace and all aspects of your life. Growing up in a multi-racial family and in a community where he was a minority. Travis experienced everything from a sense of belonging through the love of his family to feeling singled out in the workplace because of his skin color.

Travis challenges his audience to go out of their way to engage people of other cultures, orgins, races, genders, any and everyone who is different. We are all different and the same and we all have something to offer.

Meredith Shelton, Rotary Club President

Travis- You are truly a change agent of the future. Your thoughts are obviously from experience and research. In your talk with us, I could hear our friend Milt McPike's words to students and faculty. Best wishes as you pursue a career which will indeed change people's attitude and actions, (we hope).

Phil Ingwell, Lions Clubs International Past International Director

Great presentation, sparked a lot of discussion.

Scott Grover, Volunteer

Travis Currier

Travis talked about a topic on diversity that should be discussed more openly in the world we live in today.

James Fletcher, Secretary

Travis Currier

Sauk Trails Optimist Club

Travis did a wonderful job sharing his perspective on Inclusion and Diversity. He gave great examples from his own life experiences. It was a nice touch to have members of his audience share their own experiences.

Mary Schwartz, Club Member

By sharing his background, Travis opened our group to a discussion of personal inter-cultural experiences. We learned from Travis and from each other.

Diane Dillett, Member

Travis Currier

Travis's unique personal story and childhood helps attendees of different experiences understand diversity and barriers of being different.

Madison Olig, Member

To care and celebrate myself to add to my self confidence and also to help me have a more enjoyable life instead of making myself feel insecure. I found his stories extremely interesting and hearing the side of a person of color being adopted into a white family and his struggles and how he overcame them was truly inspiring and incredible.

I think the most impactful thing I took away from today's session is the strength you must have to endure your differences and accept and share them, something I am working on.

It was such a fantastic day. I think engaging in today was so important for our students. Seeing this level of diversity was brilliant and inspiring. I loved listening to everyone's stories. You should be so pleased with the day.

Alana Grainsky, Director Of Creative and Performing Arts