Travis Currier

Travis presents on the topics of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion, Multicultural Adoption, Racial Diversity and Culture. As well as adaptability to technological and social change. Sharing and expressing his experiences from a unique personal perspective. The racial and cultural challenges of growing up an African American member of a White Family. In a predominately White Mom and Pop community. A perspective on functioning as a multicultural adoptee in society offers ways to communicate with others cross culturally.

You can grow with more acceptance of people from other cultures. And have a better work environment experience, and increase your productivity in the workplace. Gain insight into culturally diverse adoption. Learn to build coping mechanisms regarding culture and diversity. Along with ways on how to engage and answer peoples questions regarding these topics. These are views that can be applied to life to help relieve frustrations over misunderstanding and insensitivity. Gain knowledge and understanding, towards developing rapport and solutions. Through unique and dynamic stories and experiences rooted in diversity and culture. Knowledge on these topics is explored and experienced.

Program Presentations

"One of Many Diversity Inclusion and Rapport"

"Adaptability to Technology and Social Change"

"To Be Loved a Multicultural Adoption Journey"

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