Travis Currier
  • One of Many Diversity Inclusion and Rapport

Learn about and experience the topic of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace. Along with ideas on how to develop a Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace program (strategy). With the objective to have a better work environment experience, and increase productivity in the workplace. Along with gaining knowledge and understanding towards developing rapport and solutions.

Travis Currier
  • Adaptability to Technology and Social Change

The objective is finding ways to accept and live with our changing times. With the use of personal story telling. How technology and social change has influenced and changed our lives is explored. Along with how some of people have been born into this time. While many of us have had to adapt to constant change. Attendees will gain knowledge, awareness, and coping mechanisms on how to adapt to the constant changing times. And how the changes with technology can best benefit our life’s.

Travis Currier
  • To Be Loved a Multicultural Adoption Journey

Insight into Multicultural Adoption awareness and Travis expressing his unique stories from his life experiences. Learn to relieve frustrations by building coping mechanisms through understanding. A perspective on functioning as a Multicultural Adoptee in society offers ways to communicate with others cross culturally. Grow with more acceptance of one another. Learn to be an ally to People different from ourselves.